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We are Estate Specialists

Whether you are moving, "scaling down" or settling a loved ones estate, we can assist you. Handling a loved one’s estate sale or experiencing the necessity of liquidating your own personal assets can be a difficult task. Our priority is to liquidate household contents as quickly and efficiently as possible. When pricing items, we consider all markets and other important factors relating to the item, ensuring optimal outcome for you. Throughout the process, your heirlooms will be held in the highest regard. We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you may have memories associated with many of the items to be sold. Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations. We have over 25 years experience as both a buyer and seller and the know-how to make your sale appealing to potential buyers.

Our services include:
  1. Organizing & cleaning contents

  2. Research and appraising Items

  3. Pricing and display of items (tables, showcases, lighting, displays)

  4. Marketing the sale (Local newspapers, Internet, trade publications, our own database)

  5. Staffing and conducting the sale

  6. Help with disposal of leftover items

  7. Post-sale clean-Up

Our Clients and Services

Our clients include estate executors and family members managing the estates of deceased loved ones and children of aging parents whose parents are moving to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We help to take some fo the stress out of these difficult situations. In such emotional and stressful circumstances we know how difficult it can be to sort out the entire contents of a home accumulated over the course of a lifetime. It can be even more overwhelming to decide what to do with everything that is left over after the family has removed items of sentimental value. Often times the least stressful alternative is to call an estate service.

How We Can Help

We conduct residential and commercial estate sales throughout Eastern and Western Washington. We handle all aspects of the estate sale, including organization, set-up, obtaining any permits that may be required, pricing, merchandising, all bookkeeping, security and hosting during the sale. We also do extensive advertising through newspapers, Internet, posted street signs and our own database of clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not run the sale myself?
There's a whole lot more involved to selling the entire contents of a home then there is to running a garage sale. We organized and clean every room of the house that the sale will take place in. We wash all glassware and clean and polish all other merchandise. We bring in as many tables, display cases and clothes racks that are needed to attractively display your items.

What about the items that are left over?
Over the course of the sale days we will typically sell most available items. Normally only unusable garage sale items are left. These can be donated to charity, retained by the owners or discarded at your discretion. If your goal is to empty the house completely then that's what we will do.

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